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January 19, 2010

Check-Off for Wildlife when doing state taxes

Tax time is the perfect time to help protect South Carolina’s animal and plant species by giving to the Endangered Wildlife Fund.
The Endangered Wildlife Fund, or "Check-Off for Wildlife Fund," is the foundation of support for threatened and endangered wildlife in South Carolina. The Fund enables the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to better protect threatened and endangered wildlife, which in turn strengthens the environment for all species.
Look for line 27 on the long form (SC1040) or line 13 on the short form (SC1040A) of the S.C. Department of Revenue Individual Tax Return form, then complete and submit Form I-330.
What do you get?

What success has this program shown? Thanks to your generous support, the number of bald eagles in South Carolina has increased from 13 to 237 nesting pairs. With the success here and in other states the bald eagle has been removed from the federal endangered species list. However, many more wildlife species are threatened, or may become so, in our lifetime.
South Carolina’s Endangered Wildlife Program depends heavily on public support. Please remember to "Check-Off" on your South Carolina State Income Tax forms. 

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