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July 29, 2010

Youth dove hunt to be held in Abbeville County Sept. 4

A youth dove hunt, sponsored by S.C. Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Forest Service, is scheduled for the opening day of dove season on Saturday, Sept. 4 in Abbeville County.

Applications for the Sept. 4 youth dove hunt are due by Saturday, Aug. 14. Interested youth should apply by calling (864) 223-2731 or writing the Greenwood S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) office at 2751 Highway 72 East, Abbeville, SC 29620. Include name, address, telephone number, birth date of youth applicant, whether or not the youth has ever hunted and whether or not the youth has ever participated in the Abbeville County youth dove hunt.

The limited number of available slots for the youth dove hunt will be selected by random drawing. Successful applicants will be mailed additional information; unsuccessful applicants are also notified. Hunt permits are not transferable.

To be eligible for this hunt, adults 21 years or older must bring one or two youths 17 years of age or younger. The following regulations also apply on Special Youth Dove Hunts:

1) Adults accompanying youth are not allowed to shoot at any time during Special Youth Dove Hunts.

2) Adults must remain in the field and closely supervise participating youth at all times.

3) In parties of one adult and two youths, only one youth hunter may be handling a loaded firearm at any given time.

4) Bag limit is 15 birds per youth participant. Birds harvested by individual hunters must be kept separate, and in no instance may an individual hunter harvest more than 15 birds.

All participants 16 and older (including adults) must have a valid South Carolina hunting license, Wildlife Management Area Permit, and migratory bird (HIP) permit.

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