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November 6, 2009

DNR Marine Resources deputy director elected ASMFC chair

Member states of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) elected Robert H. Boyles, Jr. of South Carolina as the new Chair of the Commission during their meeting in Newport, Rhode Island on Nov. 4.
Boyles has worked at the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for over ten years, serving since 2003 as its Deputy Director for Marine Resources. Previous experience includes work with the Sea Grant program and various research positions. Commissioner Boyles holds a Master of Marine Policy from the University of Delaware and a Bachelor's in Mathematical Economics, and has authored several published papers.
In assuming the chairmanship, Commissioner Boyles spoke enthusiastically about his new position, "I am honored to be elected and look forward to working with my colleagues from the 15 Atlantic coast states, federal marine fishery management agencies, the Potomac River Fisheries Commission, and the District of Columbia to ensure the continued conservation and management of Atlantic coast marine fishery resources."  
Boyles spoke about the legacy he intends to follow, "The Commission recently completed an extensive strategic planning effort, culminating in the development of the 2009-2013 Strategic Plan. This document recommits the 15 Atlantic coast states to their shared vision of stock rebuilding and sustainable resource management. It formalizes, for the first time, Commissioner values in pursuit of the Commission's vision and mission, and reaffirms the Commission's commitment to transparency and accountability in its decision-making processes. During my two-year term, I hope to build upon these accomplishments, furthering the Commission's long-term vision for healthy, self-sustaining marine fishery resources by 2015, which in turn allows for healthy fisheries from these stocks."
DNR Agency Director John Frampton says the election is a high mark for both Boyles and the agency, "Robert's election as Chairman of this important Commission is a reflection on his national credibility, outstanding leadership qualities and his exemplary professionalism. Also, it is a reflection on the caliber of employees within our agency and the respect that other states have for Robert Boyles. Robert has rapidly gained the recognition within the entire Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission because of his leadership skills and knowledge of our ocean and fishery resources and his service to the Commission will most definitely be an asset to our agency and our commercial and recreational anglers."  
The ASMFC was formed by the 15 Atlantic coast states in 1942 in recognition that fish do not adhere to political boundaries. The Commission serves as a deliberative body, coordinating the conservation and management of the states shared near shore fishery resources – marine, shell, and anadromous – for sustainable use.

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