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November 17, 2009

DNR, Bass Federation of South Carolina team up for youth fishing clubs

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources and the Bass Federation of South Carolina have teamed up to bring Youth Fishing Clubs to your school. The South Carolina High School League can make bass fishing a high school sport in all areas of public schools if we get 16 or more schools involved and a desire for a state championship.
To learn more on how to become involved in the Bass Federation Youth Clubs and how to form a team, please contact Lorianne Riggin at (803) 737-8483 or email at RigginL@dnr.sc.gov or Dan DuPre at (803) 609-1072 or email at DuPreD@dnr.sc.gov.
Teams must have a minimum of 6 youth within the 11-18 age range to qualify to have a Bass Federation Youth Team. Membership dues are $30 a year for each student. An adult advisor is required to help lead the Youth Bass Federation club, provide advice and help arrange tournaments, fundraisers, speakers and other learning sessions pertaining to fishing.
To become eligible to compete in the South Carolina Bass Federation Youth State Championship, all youth must participate in at least two club tournaments. Boats may be donated for use by members of the community or local bass clubs. Bass Federation Youth are covered by Bass Federation insurance when operating in a Bass Federation Tournament (whether at the individual club level or at the state championship).
Youth Bass Federation members may compete in other youth tournaments, other than those held by the club, and use these to qualify for the SC Bass Federation Youth State Championship as long as the

Youth Club Leaders keep accurate records of club members' weights within these other tournaments to validate to the SC Bass Federation. One youth from each age category (11-14; 15-18) would be sent to the next level, the Youth FLW Championship where kids compete from different states. Last year’s FLW Youth Champion was from Aiken, South Carolina. Each Youth Bass Federation club may send six members (three from each age category 11-14 & 15-18) to the State Championship.       

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