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April 29, 2009

Hog removal effort continues at Bonneau Ferry WMA

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is continuing its efforts to remove feral hogs from Bonneau Ferry Wildlife Management Area (WMA) by conducting another round of hog hunts with dogs.

Feral hogs have continued to cause significant damage to roads, wildlife openings, and dikes, as well as compete for the same food sources as many game species including squirrels, deer, and wild turkeys.  Not only do feral hogs compete for food resources, they also destroy the nests of many ground nesting bird species and root up breeding areas for sensitive amphibians. 

In response to the expanding hog population on Bonneau Ferry WMA, hunts with dogs have been set up on both sides (side A & B) of the property for May 7-8.  No youth restrictions exist for these hunts.  All hunters must sign in and sign out and record their harvest at the kiosk located at the main entrance off Highway 402.  One shotgun per party (buckshot only) and sidearms are permitted.  Hunting occurs from legal sunrise to legal sunset. 

Hunters must have in possession a hunting license, a WMA permit and wear a hat, jacket, or vest of solid international orange while hunting. No hogs may be transported alive. All WMA rules and regulations apply. 

DNR protects and manages South Carolina’s natural resources by making wise and balanced decisions for the benefit of the state’s natural resources and its people.

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