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August 28, 2009

Conservation Bank Board meets Sept. 3 in Columbia

The S.C. Conservation Bank Board will meet 10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 3 in Room 335 (board room) of the Rembert Dennis Building at 1000 Assembly St. in Columbia.
The S.C. Conservation Bank was established by the General Assembly as an ongoing funding source to acquire real estate interests from willing sellers and to encourage cooperation and innovative partnerships among landowners, state agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations for the continued recreational, scientific study, and aesthetic appreciation of the state’s natural resources.
Board meetings are open to the public and anyone with business for the board or needing directions to the meeting should contact the S.C. Conservation Board Columbia office at (803) 734-0360. Thomas W. Miller of Anderson is chairman of the S.C. Conservation Board.
Items scheduled on the agenda for the S.C. Conservation Board meeting include:

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