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August 17, 2009

DNR to conduct alligator hunting seminars around state in Aug.

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources will conduct alligator hunting seminars around the state in August. The seminars are being held for the public alligator hunt participants, hunting assistants and other interested persons. Topics such as alligator capture and handling techniques, rules and regulations, alligator hunting equipment, processing and other helpful information will be covered.

All notifications for the upcoming alligator hunt season have been sent to successful applicants, and the deadline for the $100 permit payment is Oct. 1. Purchase alligator tags online. Also, the "South Carolina Alligator Hunting Guide" (Pdf file) is now available online.
Interested alligator hunting equipment manufacturers and retailers are invited to attend to display and demonstrate their equipment in conjunction with the seminars. The DNR does not endorse any type, brand, or make of such equipment. All interested vendors should first check and pre-register with DNR at (803) 734-3886.

Seminars are subject to changes please check for current dates, times and locations.

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