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March 4, 2008

Conservation program in Allendale, Bamberg, and Barnwell counties targets quail, songbirds

A new project known as State Acres For Wildlife Enhancement targets bobwhite quail and songbirds by providing critical nesting and brood-rearing habitat, as well as a beneficial food source.  Deer, turkey, and small mammals will also benefit from this conservation effort.

Pre-determinations for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) habitat initiative, State Acres For Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE), begin Monday, March 10th. The goal of SAFE is to enroll 2300 acres to increase early successional habitat in the focal area of Allendale, Bamberg, and Barnwell counties.
Interested producers will sign a register in the USDA-Farm Service Agency (FSA) office beginning March 10th. Applications will be processed based on the register order. Acreage is limited so producers seriously interested shall sign the register early since applications will be processed in a first-come first-serve order.

For more information contact your local FSA office (Allendale County:  398 Barnwell Hwy, Rm. 122, Allendale, SC 29810, (803) 584-4233 x 2; Bamberg County: 3828 Main Hwy, Bamberg, SC 29003, (803) 245-4311 x 2; Barnwell County: 100 Fuldner Rd, Barnwell, SC 29812 (803) 259-7144) or Cory Drennan, wildlife biologist SCDNR/NRCS, at (803) 686-0002.

SAFE offers an exceptional opportunity for landowners to receive valuable technical and financial assistance for the establishment of native warm season grasses and forbs.  To be eligible for this practice, land must be located in the SAFE focal area and be at least 5 acres of cropland that was planted or considered planted to an agricultural commodity during four of the six years from 1996 to 2001.  The land must be physically and legally capable of being planted in a normal manner to an agricultural commodity.

USDA Farm Service Agency administers CRP with assistance from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), and local Soil and Water Conservation Districts. 

DNR protects and manages South Carolina’s natural resources by making wise and balanced decisions for the benefit of the state’s natural resources and its people.

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