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June 3, 2008

ETV June 5 program features SC sea turtle work

S.C. ETV will air "The Turtle Ladies of Charleston County" on Thursday, June 5th at 9 p.m.

The program is part of the ETV’s Carolina Stories segment, and will feature the cooperative work that takes place between the S.C. Aquarium, S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and a devoted network of sea turtle volunteers. The program will discuss the unique partnerships involved that work to protect, rehabilitate and manage nesting sea turtles along S.C. beaches, the state reptile that remains on the endangered species list.

Check the ETV program Carolina Stories for additional information on the "Turtle Ladies of Charleston County" Find out more about DNR's Marine Turtle Conservation Program.

The segment will provide insight into the management undertaken by DNR, which coordinates the state’s marine turtle conservation program. The DNR program, which was initiated 30 years ago, conducts research including telemetry and nest disturbance studies; manages 21 nest protection projects along the coast; provides technical expertise on activities such as nourishment that could impact sea turtles; and monitors the species through aerial and ground surveys of nests, migrating leatherbacks and stranded sea turtles. The DNR Marine Resources Division also conducts an in-the-water study that monitors all species and life stages of sea turtles. Monitoring all stages of the life cycle of loggerhead sea turtles, both in the water and on the beaches, provides DNR with an important and comprehensive indication of their population status.

The Carolina Stories program will also feature the S.C. Aquarium’s work to rehabilitate injured and stranded sea turtles. Their work, undertaken at the Sea Turtle Hospital at the S.C. Aquarium through the state’s rescue program provides integral support as part of the link for sea turtle conservation in S.C. Additionally, the program will feature the tireless work of sea turtle volunteers and their efforts to help monitor nests and protect hatchlings along S.C.’s beaches.

DNR protects and manages South Carolina's natural resources by making wise and balanced decisions for the benefit of the state's natural resources and its people.

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