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June 25, 2008

SC Conservation Bank funds 27 grant proposals

The South Carolina Conservation Bank held its March 31st application period board meeting on June 18, 2008 in the Beaufort County Administrative Office. The Conservation Bank voted to fund 27 grant proposals on properties located statewide. The grants included 18,736 acres at a cost of $9,556,700 with an average cost of $510 per acre to conserve these properties in perpetuity.

Some of the properties included:

The Conservation Bank has been funded for the last four years and in that time period the Bank has conserved 132 grant proposals located in almost every South Carolina county.  The Bank has committed $80,296,259 to these proposals and has conserved a total 152,908 acres. The Bank has conserved these lands at an average cost of $525.13 per acre by partnering with landowners and non-profit organizations and increasing its leverage factors.

Conservation Bank Executive Director Marvin N. Davant stated, "These were outstanding proposals and a great chance to conserve some of the iconic locations that make South Carolina a special place. We are thankful that we have so many landowners who are willing to keep their lands like they are and to help improve the quality of life in South Carolina by preserving some of the traditions and culture of our state that is important to all of us."

The S.C. Conservation Bank was established by the General Assembly as an ongoing funding source to acquire real estate interests from willing sellers and to encourage cooperation and innovative partnerships among landowners, state agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations for the continued recreational, scientific study, and aesthetic appreciation of the state’s natural resources.

Board meetings are open to the public and anyone with business for the board or needing directions to the meeting should contact the S.C. Conservation Board Columbia office at (803) 734-0360. Charles G. Lane of Charleston is chairman of the S.C. Conservation Board.

The Beaufort County location was utilized in keeping with the board policy of moving meetings around the state so all citizens will have a chance to attend.

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