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#07-276 September 24, 2007

Get your story published in S.C. Wildlife Magazine

Palmetto State readers rely on South Carolina Wildlife magazine for fascinating and informative stories about the outdoors from sports to wildlife and much more. But, right now, S.C. Wildlife magazine is turning to you, the outdoors lovers of the Palmetto State, for stories of your outdoor traditions.

Whether you celebrate special family occasions with a picnic in your favorite park year after year, have a unique ritual for welcoming new members to your group of hunting buddies, look forward all winter to celebrating the arrival of spring with an annual road trip to your favorite camping area or gather with old friends to tube down the river when the mercury rises, we want to hear about it!

S.C. Wildlife invites you to share photos, slides and/or short descriptions of your hunting, fishing,Charleston fisherman - 1938 camping, picnicking, paddling, climbing, diving or other outdoor traditions. You might have many, but choose the best one to share, and tell us about what this traditional activity, meal or place involves, how it got started, why it continues or became a tradition, and who is involved.

We’ll collect your submissions, including descriptions of no more than 300 words, along with slides, prints or digital photos between now and October 1, 2007. If we get enough print-worthy stories, we’ll select some to publish in our September-October 2008 issue. Just follow these guidelines:

For more on outdoor traditions, visit the South Carolina Wildlife magazine and click on "We All Have A Story To Tell."

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