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#07-168 June 18, 2007

Lexington County man manufactures popular lure

The name "Striper Delight" is mentioned frequently in the S.C. Department of Natural Resources Fishing Reports. The sole proprietor and owner, Delorme Arant, manufactures the popular lure on his 13-acre property just off a busy highway in Lexington County.

The lures, also known by some as "Striper Swipers," are hand-made, packaged, delivered or mailed byDelorme Arant Arant at a rate of about 1,000 a week. Demand has grown to such an extent that he has been forced to turn down business, which is a problem he hopes to correct with his soon-to-expand enterprise.

For more information and inquiries about Striper Delight Lure Co. call Delorme Arant at (803) 356-4669.

Arant describes hand made lures as a "dying art" as large companies manufacture most lures, with single production runs sometimes in the many thousands. He uses several modified machines to fit his needs, but there have been additions to the process over the years. "I used to sand each wooden lure by hand, which was a time-consuming process," Arant said. "But now I tumble them in a modified drum lined with sandpaper, which cuts down on the time by quite a bit."

Arriving at the finished product takes several steps, which include:

Arant stands by his product as superior in craftsmanship and reliability, but he isn’t standing on past achievements. He is developing a company Web site and is looking to expand the manufacturing capacity with higher-end facilities and hopes to soon hire his first employee.

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