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#07-21 January 22, 2007

New online maps detail fish attractor sites

Fisheries biologists with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources Freshwater Fisheries Section have a new tool for anglers in South Carolina. Biologists have been constructing fish attractor structures in all the major reservoirs in South Carolina.

The sites are clearly marked by buoys and are constructed of various materials. Find out the locations with online maps and GPS coordinates.

Christmas trees and artificial materials such as PVC are used for fish attractors in Link to mapsreservoirs all around South Carolina. The majority of fish attractors still require an occasional addition of trees that provide excellent cover for fish and habitat for aquatic insects (that are eaten by fish). Please do not anchor in fish attractor areas as anchors may become tangled, lost or cause damage.

Most reservoirs in South Carolina contain little or no natural underwater structure that could, if present, concentrate fish and increase angling success. Most reservoirs had natural structure (such as trees) removed prior to filling to ensure safe navigation. Natural structure may also be lacking because age has decayed any remaining timber and fluctuating water levels prevent growth of submerged vegetation. Placement of artificial structure in reservoirs is an effective way to concentrate certain fish such as largemouth bass, bream, and crappie.
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