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#07-12 January 15, 2007

New Lowcountry public event series offered

A new Public Event Series will begin this February and span through May, offering the general public with seminar and field experience opportunities to learn about our natural resources.

The Marine Resources Division of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will host the new Public Event Series free of charge beginning February 6th, with approximately one event every two weeks. DNR Project Coordinator Kim Counts hopes the Series will increase the public’s understanding of marine resources, the importance of conservation and the significance of historical preservation in the Lowcountry. According to Counts, “While raising awareness of these important topics and increasing the public’s understanding of DNR projects and goals, this Series also aims to present information in an interactive format, encouraging understanding from an audience that may not have a strong science background.”

The events range in format from seminar, lecture, discussion, to hands-on identification and field outings. Pre-registration is required for each event listed in the Public Event Series and space is limited. To register for events, directions and other information about the Public Event Series, contact Counts at (843) 953-9354 or CountsK@dnr.sc.gov

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