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#07-60 February 26, 2007

Veterinary and rehabilitator of year awards announced

Dr. Brian King, of Pet Vet, has been awarded the 2006 Palmetto Wildlife Veterinary Award, and Janet Kinser and her organization, Keepers of the Wild, have been chosen as recipient of the 2006 Palmetto Wildlife Rehabilitator of the Year Award.
The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) presents the awards annually to spotlight veterinarians who assist injured wildlife and rehabilitators that nurture and release species back into the wild. Nominees are members within the community who have made outstanding contributions to the health and well being of South Carolina’s wildlife. Candidates are evaluated on special achievements during the year, or for their long-term efforts related to assisting with the care of the state’s wildlife.
Dr. Brian King is the 2006 Palmetto Wildlife Veterinary Award recipient for his tireless efforts to helpDr Brian King return many animals and birds to the wild. Priscilla Wright, DNR Wildlife Biologist and coordinator of the annual awards said, “Dr. King’s willingness and talent to aid injured wildlife have contributed to the release of many animals and birds that may not have had that opportunity.” Dr. King and his clinic, Pet Vet, work in Mt. Pleasant.
Janet Kinser and Keepers of the Wild, the 2006 Palmetto Wildlife Rehabilitator of the Year recipients, were chosen for their hard work to help orphaned and injured wildlife. They are located in St.George, and according to Wright, “Were selected not only for their dedicated efforts to ensure that injured animals are rescued, rehabilitated and released back into their natural environment, but also for educating others within the community about their rehabilitation work.”
Previous winners of the Palmetto Wildlife Veterinary and Rehabilitation awards include

To nominate a candidate, a description of their achievements must be received by December 15 each year for award consideration for that calendar year. The one-page description should the efforts qualifying the nominee for the award, and the name, address and phone number of the individual making the nomination. Nominations can be sent to Priscilla Wright at DNR, PO Box 12559, Charleston, SC, 29422.

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