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#07-219 August 6, 2007

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program Sept. 7-9 in Clemson

Ladies listen up, because here is an opportunity for you to enjoy the outdoors and learn outdoor recreation skills. The S.C. Department of Natural Resources holds a Becoming an Outdoors-Woman weekend workshop twice a year to provide women an opportunity to become involved with nature at an introductory level in a relaxed atmosphere. The upcoming workshop, Sept. 7-9, will be held at the Clemson University Outdoor Lab near Clemson.
Women ages 18 and up have the opportunity to take four courses over the weekend that encompass a wide variety of outdoor experiences. The workshop is designed to appeal to women who have never tried the activities or beginners who hope to improve their skills.
The Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) workshop offers hands-on instruction in more than 25 different nature-related outdoor activities. Classes include: fishing, hunting, archery, kayaking, rockBass fishing climbing, land navigation, boating safety and trailering, scuba, backpacking/camping, shooting skills, an ATV rider course and many more. Following the workshop, participants have found a new appreciation for the outdoors and are more knowledgeable and aware about South Carolina’s natural resources. Women walk away with the new skills they’ve acquired more capable to recreate in the outdoors with their friends, family, or on their own.
The registration fee of $175 covers food, lodging and all equipment needed for the classes. Pre-registration is required. To register, download a registration form (PDF file). Mail your applications and money, quickly to reserve your spot, to the following address:  S.C. Department of Natural Resources, Fall BOW Workshop, PO Box 167 Columbia, SC 29202. For any questions involving the registration process, contact Steve Bates at (803) 734-3885 or at batess@dnr.sc.gov.

Dr. Christine Thomas, a professor of resource management at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point’s College of Natural Resources, created the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program. Her research found that women wanted to try various forms of outdoor recreation but lacked the opportunity to learn new skills.

DNR protects and manages South Carolina’s natural resources by making wise and balanced decisions for the benefit of the state’s natural resources and its people.

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