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#07-101 April 2, 2007

Mobility-impaired youth to participate in turkey hunt

An upcoming turkey hunt at Brosnan Forest near St. George, Thursday, April 5th is offered for mobility-impaired youth. Nine youth (Summerton, Charleston, Swansea, Pinewood, Greer and 3 from the N.C. border) with terminal impairments such as cancer and multiple sclerosis will be in attendance for the guided hunt. For some, this has been an annual activity in which they look forward to participating, and without the special logistical assistance needed for hunting and maneuvering in the blind, this opportunity would not be possible for them.

The TOMO program is an innovative approach to introducing and re-introducing the youth and families of South Carolina to hunting, fishing, and shooting sports, and other outdoor recreation. The program began in 1999 and has the ultimate goal of halting the local and national downward trend in participation in these activities. The TOMO program is specifically targeting youth and young adults who have not experienced a previous shooting or hunting activity.
Thus far in 2007, the TOMO program has conducted 3 duck hunts, 2 rabbit hunts, 2 quail hunts and 2 turkey hunts, reaching many youth that would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in these types of recreational activities.

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