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#06-286 October 23, 2006  

McBee, Webb quail hunt applications due Nov. 3

Applications are now available for public quail hunts to be conducted at Webb Wildlife Center in Hampton County and McBee Wildlife Management Area in Chesterfield County.

Hunters who want an application for the Webb or McBee quail hunts should visit their local DNR office or write: Quail Hunts, DNR, PO Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202. Applications are also available on the DNR Web site at http://www.dnr.sc.gov/hunting/huntapp.html, or by calling the DNR office in Columbia at (803) 734-3886. Webb and McBee quail hunt applications must be postmarked by Friday, Nov. 3, and should be mailed to the above address or delivered to Room 255 in the Rembert Dennis Building at 1000 Assembly St. in Columbia.

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) owns both the 5,866-acre Webb Wildlife Center and McBee WMA, composed of three individual tracts of land totaling 787 acres. Webb Wildlife Center is near Garnett in Hampton County, and McBee WMA is near McBee in Chesterfield County. Quail are a focus of management on both properties, and both properties offer quality public quail hunting experiences.

Quail hunting on Webb Wildlife Center and McBee Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is permitted by special drawing only. Successful applicants for the Webb Center quail hunt will participate in two half-day hunts, and will have meals and lodging provided. Successful applicants for the McBee WMA quail hunts will participate in one full-day hunt. No lodging or meals are provided for participants in the McBee WMA hunts. Hunters are expected to provide their own equipment and dogs for both hunts.

Applicants will be notified of the results of the drawing by mail. Once hunters are drawn, cancellations will not be refunded; permits are nontransferable and cancelled slots will be filled by random selection of applicants who were not drawn. Additional hunt information and detailed application instructions are included with each application.
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