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#06-319 November 20, 2006

Oyster shell recyling drop-off locations are in coastal counties

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources reminds the public that oyster shell recycling drop-off locations are located in all South Carolina coastal counties.

Every shell that is recycled locally is cycled back into the estuarine environment by the S.C. DepartmentBagged oyster shells of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Shell Recycling and Restoration Program, which helps to restore shellfish grounds in coastal South Carolina. To sustain recreational and commercial oyster harvests, it’s important for harvesters and oyster roast participants to remember to recycle their shells. Refer to the following information for answers to frequently asked questions regarding oyster shell recycling:

Additional questions may be directed to Oyster Recycling and Restoration Program Coordinator Andy Jennings at (843) 953-9396, or Assistant Program Coordinator Jason Comer at (843) 953-9397.

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