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#06-183 July 10, 2006

‘South Carolina Wildlife’ television show to air July 8

Don't miss the latest episode of ‘South Carolina Wildlife’ television show on South Carolina Educational Television on Saturday, July 8th at 6:30 p.m. Viewers will see a variety of outdoor pastimes and places, and get close-up views of some special plants and animals occurring in the Palmetto State.
“South Carolina Wildlife” is a production of S.C Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and South Carolina Educational Television and typically airs the second Saturday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Check local listings.
Tag along with DNR staffer Glenn Gardner as he checks in on dog training with Brent Shirley of Camden. Then it’s part one of a two part series on DNR Law Enforcement officers training at the criminal justice academy. Our field trip is to Buzzard Roost Heritage Preserve and Palmetto Portraits visits with baby Loggerhead sea turtles.
The training of a bird dog pup is something that is a time-consuming exercise, but if done right, will bring you as much joy and pride in life as anything you will ever undertake. Glenn is in Camden with renowned dog trainer Brent Shirley and "A Dog's Tale."
Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement officers in South Carolina have been on the frontRecent Academy grads lines of conservation since the first county game wardens were appointed in 1905. Before assuming their duties, new officers must complete an eight-week course at the Criminal Justice Academy plus an additional five weeks of intensive DNR field training. Upon completion of the training, officers are also proficient in firearms safety and defensive driving. Find out more in part one of a two part series on DNR officers at the criminal justice academy "Woods and Water 101." Get more information on DNR Law Enforcement at http://www.dnr.sc.gov/law.html.
Our field trip is a mountaintop experience, where the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains meet. Peak elevation rises to 1,769 feet at Buzzard Roost Heritage Preserve near Walhalla. In the winter months, deciduous trees drop their leaves to give hikers a clear view of the surrounding foothills. In the spring, visitors can delight to the blooming mountain laurel and rhododendron. Find out more about Buzzard Roost Heritage Preserve at: http://www.dnr.sc.gov/managed/heritage/buzzardrst/description.html.

The loggerhead sea turtle, our state reptile, has a rich reddish-brown carapace and yellow plastron and is the subject of this installment of Palmetto Portraits "Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles." Loggerheads usually leave the cold coastal waters in the winter and are often seen along the western edge of the Gulf Stream. The major nesting area for the loggerhead in the western Atlantic is the southeastern United States. Find out more about Loggerheads and other sea turtles in South Carolina at http://www.dnr.sc.gov/seaturtle/cc.htm.
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