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#06-14 January 16, 2006

Savannah River Committee will meet Jan. 17 in North Augusta

Governor Sanford's Savannah River Committee will meet with Governor Purdue's Savannah River Committee on Tuesday, January 17, 2006, at 10:00 a.m. at the North Augusta Community Center in North Augusta, South Carolina to continue their discussion of issues arising in the Savannah Basin. The Georgia/South Carolina Committees met jointly earlier this Fall.

The bi-state meeting is open to the public. The North Augusta Community Center is located at 495 Brookside Avenue, North Augusta, South Carolina. For more information or directions to the Savannah River Committee meeting, call (803) 734-9100 in Columbia.

Issues range from saltwater intrusion into a principle public water supply aquifer on the coast of Georgia and South Carolina near the Savannah River, industrial and residential waste water assimilation, a minimum release strategy on the U. S. Army Corps of Engineer- managed lakes in the upper part of the Savannah Basin, and the consideration of lake levels. This meeting will focus on saltwater intrusion into one of the major sources of drinking water in the Savannah River region.

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