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#06-337 December 11, 2006

Georgetown County creeks are part of state waterfowl areas

The public is reminded that the portions of Big Carr Creek and Little Carr Creek bordering Samworth Wildlife Management Area in Georgetown County are included as Category II waterfowl areas during the 2006-2007 season, which means these areas can be hunted only during scheduled dates and times.

Public hunting on Big Carr Creek and Little Carr Creek in Georgetown County will take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the waterfowl season, with the second portion of the season beginning Friday, Dec. 15. Shooting times are 30 minutes before sunrise until noon. A Wildlife Management Area Permit, along with a valid state hunting license, state and federal waterfowl stamps and Harvest Information Program (migratory bird) permit will be required to hunt waterfowl within the Category II areas. Each hunter is limited to 25 non-toxic shells per hunt. Signs will be posted marking the boundaries in both creeks where the Category II status begins. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) law enforcement officers will be enforcing the new regulations.
For additional information refer to the 2006-2007 “South Carolina Migratory Bird Regulations,” or contact Jim Westerhold, DNR Waterfowl Project leader in the upper coastal area, at (843) 546-3226.

Including Big Carr Creek and Little Carr Creek in the Category II waterfowl area status and limiting hunting times will improve the quality of waterfowl hunting in these creeks as well as on other private and public properties around the Samworth Wildlife Management Area, since continual disturbance of ducks limits the use of available habitat for waterfowl. Boat navigation and fishing in both creeks are not affected by this change.
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