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#06-207 August 7, 2006

Wildlife technical assistance list available to landowners from DNR

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources is developing a list of contractors who are involved in wildlife technical assistance statewide, especially those contractors who provide on-the-ground services. The list will be published and used as a tool to assist landowners with the implementation of wildlife habitat manipulations on their property.

The list currently consists of individuals or businesses in South Carolina and nearby contractors in Georgia and North Carolina. The services provided by these technical assistance providers include activities such as prescribed burning, food plot planting, dove field preparations, timber management and wildlife management.

Compiling the list will be an ongoing process and changes to the Wildlife Technical Assistance Providers List will be made as new contractors are identified. If you are a private consultant or business involved with wildlife habitat related technical assistance to private landowners and wish to be included on the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) list, contact Willie Simmons in Columbia at (803) 734-3898. To obtain a copy of the list, contact a local DNR regional hub office:

The list was compiled by the DNR with assistance from Clemson Extension Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Forest Service and S.C. Forestry Commission. These agencies assimilated the names, addresses and phone numbers of individuals they knew were involved in providing wildlife technical assistance to the public. Additional contractors were identified by contacting individuals on the state tree planters’ list and the state herbicide applicators list.

DNR in no way endorses or guarantees the services of any contractor on this list. It is strongly recommended that the landowner seeking assistance ask for references, and have the contractor explain in detail what services will be included before agreeing to or signing any contract for services. It would also be advisable for the landowner to discuss their situation with several contractors and compare prices before agreeing to any contract.

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