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#06-104 April 24, 2006

Citizens can help DNR match federal funds for wildlife

South Carolina can earn millions more federal dollars for wildlife management. Federal wildlife management funding is based on state sport license sales. So if more Palmetto State wildlife conservationists, even those who do not consider themselves hunters or anglers, purchase South Carolina hunting and fishing licenses, then the state earns more federal wildlife conservation funds.

Urge all of your wildlife-watching friends to support wildlife conservation. It’s as easy as visiting http://www.dnr.sc.gov/purchase.html. Click on “Purchase a Fishing/Hunting License” to purchase a license and start protecting South Carolina’s wildlife today. You can also purchase a license by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-866-714-3611.

For example, your $25 Resident Combination Hunting and Freshwater Fishing and Big Game License contribution to wildlife earns the state about $75 from Uncle Sam.

South Carolinians who spend their time afield with binoculars, cameras and hiking boots instead of shotgun shells and fly rods should recognize how much of the state’s wildlife management is funded through annual sport licenses. Federal Sport Fish Restoration Funds provide for habitat and fisheries monitoring from mountain streams to coastal estuaries. The funds help monitor the condition of the habitat and fish populations, thus alerting the agency to problems in need of correcting and opportunities for improvement. Federal monies returned from licenses also fund the Aquatic Education Program that teaches youth about aquatic habitat, ecosystems and resource management.

Your purchase of a South Carolina resident combination hunting and fishing license provides instant leverage of your original dollars, even if you choose not to hunt or fish. A $25 contribution triples to become a $75 contribution. The DNR can then take that pool of funds and leverage it even further with private dollars to manage land.
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