Project Participants - SCDNR MRD

We also wish to acknowledge the contributions of Bruce Stender, SCDNR (retired), who was the first field supervisor for the project through 2001, and on whose shoulders fell the responsibility of working out the logistics of collecting data in a multi-vessel, regional trawl survey.

Additionally, numerous personnel from the SEAMAP program and Vessel Operations have provided crucial logistical support at sea as well as on land. Jeff Jacobs is the first captain on the RV Lady Lisa and has participated in annual surveys during every season since program inception. Robert Schrimpf has participated in annual surveys as the second captain on the RV Lady Lisa since 2006. We are also grateful to the following captains for their contributions over the years: Mike Schwartz (retired), Randy Beatty, Rob Dunlap, Tom Salisbury, the late Paul Tucker, and the late Gary Miller. Pearse Webster (SEAMAP) has been steadfast in his support through amicable scheduling and coordinating activities on land as needs arise. We also thank the following individuals for their assistance as seasonal deckhands: Jamie Williams, Todd Beser, Chris Kalinowsky, T.J. McKenzie, Brian Casey, Stephen Carmody, Brooks Charles, Robert Truex, Justin Fritchel, Lee Weller, Kristina Thompson, Siobahn Scott, Brian Walls, Ezra Lily, Henry DeVega, Brooke James, Jeremy Grigsby, Stephen Czwartacki, Daryl Weldon, Logan Bonner, Justin Greenman, Patrick Gerken, and John Dupre.