Marine - Species - White Shrimp

Fishery Status

Graph of White Shrimp Fisherin in SC

Both the commercial trawl and recreational baiting fisheries have declined since 2010, with 2013 catches continuing this trend due to poor conditions for shrimp production in the fall, including the appearance of black gill disease. Overall, current levels of catch and effort are much less than high levels observed in the 1990s, driven in part by continued low shrimp prices. Data presented in this graph were provided by DNR Fisheries Statistics Section. The calculated 10 year average is just for the commercial trawl fishery. More information.

Additional Graph Information

Commercial and recreational catches are measured in number of individuals or pounds of fish caught. Changes in catch among years may be the result of changes in abundance, changes in fishing effort, or both.

On each graph, the horizontal dotted lines above or below the "10 year average" represent one "standard deviation" unit, which is a measure of how variable the annual data are around the 10-year average. In general, the area between one standard deviation above the mean and one standard deviation below the average includes approximately 68% of the values. Approximately 95% percent of observations in the data set are found within two standard deviations of the average.