Artificial Reefs - Data Files

South Carolina Coast LinePlease reference the manufacturer's manual for information on how to download and store data when importing data to your device.

Data is available for download at no cost from DNR's ftp site. Last updated October 2012.

Please Note:

To export the files below follow the following download instructions:
Right click on the file name then select 'Save Target As.'

Downloads Available

Type Recommended File
RayMarine AR201210.rwf
Lowrance AR201210.usr
Garmin, Humminbird AR201210.gpx
Google Earth AR201210.kmz
GIS Layer Shapefile
GIS Layer File GEODatabase

Tips when using Internet Explorer browser -

If you are using Internet Explorer you will need to right click over the link and then use the 'Save Target As…' option as seen in the graphic below, so you can save the file instead of the browser opening the file (thus the text you got in the browser). Once you download the file, verify that the downloaded file does not have a file extension of ".txt" added to it during the download process. If it does, remove the file extension ".txt"from the file name. (Example a file named like: AR201210.rwf.txt will need to be renamed AR201210.rwf).

Screen shot