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Watershed and Land Use Classifications

The final phase, Watershed and Land Use Classifications, of SWMP was initiated in summer of 2005. Five reserves, including the ACE Basin, participated in a pilot study to test the efficacy of the proposed classification scheme and mapping protocol. The objective of this component of SWMP is to develop guidelines for characterizing and mapping habitat and land use that are applicable in all of the Reserves. The key outcomes of Phase III will be a NERRS Classification Scheme to classify fine-scale data within reserve boundaries and land cover mapping protocols for the Reserve system. The ACE Basin used the proposed NERRS classification scheme evaluate the applicability of the scheme to categorize the land cover and land uses at four areas (Otter Island, Edisto Beach, Bailey Island, and Grove Plantation) in the Reserve. The areas are located along the salinity and development gradients in the Edisto River watershed and they contain typical coastal habitats.

Locations of areas in the ACE Basin NERR used to evaluate the NERRS proposed classification scheme

Locations of areas in the ACE Basin NERR

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