IV. Primary Management Objectives

The primary management objective for the Jocassee Gorges property, once acquired by the SCDNR, will be to maintain the natural character of the area. Significant plant, fish and wildlife communities and their habitats will be maintained, restored or enhanced.

Maintaining the natural character of Jocassee Gorges includes but is not limited to:

  • securing this large tract of mountain land from residential or commercial development

  • meeting the habitat needs of wildlife species

  • ensuring the protection of the spectacular scenery associated with the mountainous landscape

  • providing for sound watershed management for resources associated with coldwater trout streams including trout populations, their aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate fauna, and pristine water quality

  • providing a refuge for nationally important biodiversity elements and assemblages including native plant communities

  • providing for sound forest management to achieve a healthy, diverse forest within the context of adaptive management strategies when appropriate and consistent with primary management objectives.

  • providing for protection and enhancement of habitat for threatened and endangered species and species of concern.