XII. Sign Plan for Proprety

Quality signs (similar to USFS signs and signs used at Walhalla State Fish Hatchery), will be placed at major entrances to the property. These signs will include SCDNR's name and the name of the property. SCDNR Department logo will be placed on the main entrance signs. For example, a sign at Laurel Valley Entrance would have SCDNR, followed by Jocassee Gorges, followed by Horsepasture entrance. There should be at least three such signs located at Camp Adger entrance, Cane Creek entrance, and Laurel Valley entrance.

Informational areas (kiosks) will also be needed at major entrances or parking areas to provide visitors with necessary information (regulations, camping areas, hiking trail access areas, maps, etc.)

Property boundary signs will be marked with Wildlife Management Area Signs when surveyed to readily identify property boundaries to visitors. Closed road signs will mark areas closed to motorized vehicles, horses, etc.