Property Watch Program

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Property Watch Program provides assistance to landowners with property protection and deterrence of trespassing to hunt or fish.

Operation Game Thief 1-800-922-5431

The SCDNR expends a great deal of manpower in the enforcement of property rights laws. The number of DNR officers is minute when compared to the number of landowners and violators. Often when the DNR officer arrives on the scene of a complaint, the violator is gone and the only information available is provided by the landowner. Therefore it is very important for landowners to be aware of the facts needed for successful trespassing prosecution and the basic elements of property protection laws.

In addition to basic knowledge of trespass laws and warrant procedures, prevention is extremely important. Trespassing might be difficult to prove in some cases where no physical damage has resulted. Even when the landowner has suffered provable damages, the wrongdoer might have no assets to pay compensation. Clearly the best approach is to take steps to avoid the problem before it arises. The Property Watch Program provides methods for landowners to make their property less attractive to would-be trespassers.

More information, a brochure, and application may be obtained by calling 803-734-4002.