Game Zone 3

Counties in Game Zone 3

Hunting Rules and Regulations

Additional Species Hunting Regulations

Wildlife Management Area Maps

Special Hunting Opportunities

Wildlife Management Areas with Additional Regulations

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WMAs with Additional Regulations Map
Property Name - WMA Map ID
Aiken Gopher Tortoise HP 3-1
Bear Island 3-14
Bonneau Ferry 3-8
Botany Bay Plantation 3-19
Canal 3-11
Crackerneck 3-2
Ditch Pond HP 3-3
Donnelley 3-15
Dungannon Heritage Preserve 3-12
Edisto River 3-13
Francis Marion National Forest 3-6
Hamilton Ridge 3-23
Hatchery 3-7
Henderson HP 3-4
Moultrie 3-10
Old Island HP 3-20
Palachuacola 3-21
Santee Coastal Reserve 3-9
Santee Cooper 3-17
St. Helena Sound HP 3-16
Tillman Sand Ridge HP 3-24
Turtle Island 3-18
Victoria Bluff HP 3-5
Webb WMA 3-22

Regular Game Season WMA mapRegular Game Seasons Wildlife Management Areas

Property Name - WMA Map ID
Dennis Wildlife Center 3-A
Pine Island WMA 3-B