New Deer Tag Information

Youth Hunters

Youth hunters under the license age of 16 years old must request the free base set of tags annually. See below for how to request tags.

The tags consist of the following:

Youth Residents - additional deer tag purchases

Resident archery hunters may use any of the date specific tags to take antlerless deer on any day during archery only or primitive weapons seasons beginning September 15. The archery notation and actual date must be validated on the tag. Once used, however, these tags would no longer be available for use during firearms season on the designated date.

Youth Nonresidents- additional deer tag purchases

Non-resident youth: receive base set of tags for free by request like resident youth. May purchase one antler restriction buck tag ($50) and up to 4 Individual Antlerless Tags ($10 each). To request free tags call 803-734-3833 or go online to

Important Information