Boating - Sailboats

Since July 1, 1974, sailboats over 14 feet in length had to be titled. If the sailboat had any propulsion it was also required to be registered. Sailboats during this time period that were 14 feet or less did not have to be titled but if they had any type of propulsion they had to be registered.

However, effective, June 8th, 1989, the law was changed which required all sailboats no matter what length to be titled. All Sailboats that have any type of propulsion need to be registered.

If you purchase a sailboat that is currently registered/title and you choose not to use any type of propulsion you will only have to title the sailboat.


Fee Amount Type of Fee
$10.00 Title - Sailboats without any propulsion/wind only
$10.00 Title - Sunfish
$10.00 Title - Hobie Cat (Any Hobie Cat with any type of propulsion will be required to register which has an extra $30.00 fee)
$40.00 SC Sailboats Registration and Title with propulsion: outboard, trolling motors, diesel engines, inboard
(Late fee)
Any sailboat that was 14 feet and under and has not titled since June 8th, 1989 will pay a late fee.