Sport Fish Restoration

Steps in Starting your Youth Fishing Club

Step 1

Contact the Aquatic Education Coordinator at or 803-737-8483 to notify that you are interested in coaching and have students who are interested in forming a club.

Step 2

Setup an Interest and Informational Meeting. Invite parents, students and potential community partners. (See the Informational Meeting Outline)

Step 3

Collect dues and create a club roster. (See the Roster & Dues) There must be a minimum of 6 rostered members at all times for the team to be considered a Youth Bass Fishing Club.

Step 4

Set up your first team meeting and elect officers: President, Secretary and Treasurer. Give out a schedule of dates and times of after school learning sessions, community conservation involvement projects, fishing practice and tournaments. Go over Team Rules and Responsibilities.

Step 5

Acquire, purchase or borrow weigh in equipment. Spring scales allowed.

Step 6

Setup two club tournaments and GO FISHING!!

Boy fishing