Sport Fish Restoration

Selling the Program to Your Administration & Athletic Director

Who: Minimum of 6 students (co-ed) required with 1 school representative to act as a coach.

Why: To provide another outlet for students to become involved in extracurricular activities, improve their school pride, instill a sense of appreciation and understanding of the outdoors and to work towards getting 16 high schools involved in Bass Fishing. (Only 16 schools are required for the SC High School League to sanction bass fishing as a varsity high school sport.)

How: Recruit a minimum of 6 students and help them participate in at least 2 club created tournaments. These can be pond, bank or boat fishing tournaments. Other tournaments than club tournaments may be used to help qualify for the state championship. One tournament students participate in must be a boat tournament. A variety of state and national level tournaments are available under each option. Insurance coverage is provided under both The Bass Federation and BASS for club tournaments. Tournaments must be designated prior to the event as either a The Bass Federation tournament or a BASS tournament.

Boy displaying fish