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How to Organize a Tournament

Boys displaying their fish

Step 1: Determine the scope of the tournament. Who do you want to attend your tournament (multiple schools, just your team)? Where will the tournament location be?

Step 2: Work with the Bass Booster club with its parents and community partners to help develop and organize your tournament. Divide tournament planning duties among the Bass Booster Members. Appoint a coordinator to oversee the efforts of all of the people assigned to tasks.

Tournament planning may include:

Step 3: Finalize your tournament date and location.

Step 4: Check all state fishing regulations if you choose to hold the tournament on a public fishing lake, river or reservoir. Create a regulation overview for all anglers fishing in this tournament. Check with SCDNR to make sure that all necessary fishing tournament permits are received.

Step 5: Create the contest rules and distribute them to all anglers involved via a website, email attachment or hard copy. See tournament rules template for help on contest rules. Rules should cover entry fees and prize structure, scoring methods (total weight or point system), limits on number and size of fish (especially if more restrictive than state regulations), and rules on the handling of fish.

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