Soils Data Layer

Soils Data data layer showing coding for different soil layers as described below the heading 'General Legend'

Example of Soils Data, Beaufort, SC

General Legend

W - Water
Ye - Yemassee Loamy Fine Sand
Wn - Williman Loamy Fine Sand
Wd - Wando Fine Sand
US - Udorthents, Sandy
Sw - Seewee Fine Sand
Sk - Seabrook Fine Sand
Sa - Santee Fine Sandy Loam
Ro - Rosedhu Fine Sand
Rd - Ridgeland Fine Sand
Po - Polawana Loamy Fine Sand
Mu - Murad Fine Sand
De - Deloss Fine Sandy Loam
Cs - Coosaw Loamy Fine Sand
CE - Capers Association
Bp - Borrow Pit
Bd - Bladen Fine Sandy Loam
BK - Bohicket Association