Wetlands/Land Use Data Layer

Example of Wetlands/Land Use Data, Beaufort, SC

Wetlands/Land Use Data Layer showing coding for different areas as described below the heading 'General Legend'

General Legend

U43 - Upland Mixed Forest
U42 - Upland Evergreen Forest
U32 - Upland Scrub-Shrub Rangeland
U31 - Upland Herbaceous Rangeland
U21 - Upland Agriculture
U15 - Upland Industrial & Commercial Complex
U14 - Upland Transportation & Utilities
U12 - Upland Commercial & Services
U11 - Upland Residential
PUB - Palustrine Unconsolidated Bottom
PSS - Palustrine Scrub-Shrub
PFO - Palustrine Forested
PEM - Palustrine Emergent
PAB - Palustrine Aquatic Bed
E2US - Estuarine Intertidal Unconsolidated Shore
E2SS - Estuarine Intertidal Scrub-shrub
E2EM - Estuarine Intertidal Emergent
E1UB - Estuarine Subtidal Unconsolidated Bottom