Soils Data Layer

Soils data are derived from existing county surveys available from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly the Soil Conservation Service). Under a DNR contract, the map sheets are zoom-transferred (ZTS) to topo quadrangle base maps and redrafted to stable base mylar to remove the distortion from the non-rectified photographic base on which they are delineated. The NRCS reviews the draft product to correct any ZTS problems and the data are digitized. After digitization, the data are quality reviewed to ensure edgematching and attributing compliance and linked to the STATSGO tabular attribute files that characterize each soil type for a series of composition, productivity, and suitability variables.

Soils Data for Beaufort, SC

Soils Attributing & Enhancements

  1. Import spatial and attribute data.
  2. Georeference to statewide TIC grid.
  3. Clean and build as double precision coverages.
  4. Join attributes to spatial data using polygon codes and corresponding SCS soil name and slope codes.
  5. Add county designation to variable list and attribute each polygon with county identifier.
  6. Add and attribute Soil Name, Soil type, and Slope according county soil survey soil descriptions.
  7. Edgematch spatial data & attributes.
  8. First quality review checking spatial data and checking internal attributes and intra-county attribute encoding errors.
  9. Correct problems.
  10. Second quality review by management staff.
  11. Edit/correct problems.
  12. Third quality review by Data Base Administrator.
  13. Build relational structure to SCS STATSGO data files.
  14. Quad added to SCDNR GIS Data Base.

Download Available Soils Data

Data is available for download at no cost from DNR's GIS DNR Clearinghouse.